Give your employees the flexibility they demand, without losing control
AI-powered platform to set up and manage hybrid teams
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AI-powered platform to set up and manage hybrid teams, save office-related costs and prepare organizational culture for the hybrid workforce future.

Stayhome allows companies to capture the benefits of hybrid work models, leading to decreased real estate footprint, increased flexibility, lower employee-related office expenses, improved productivity, and even higher revenue.
Built for Managers, centered around Employees
By balancing employee needs with the needs of your business, our algorithms
create unique win-win solutions. Enjoy the synergy!

Coworking Space Management is the ideal solution for multi-tenant office spaces to manage their desks. Stayhome helps them maximize desk usage, and with its powerful reporting, Stayhome even helps coworking locations show their ROI, meaning they can attract larger corporate accounts.
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  • Reduce per-employee office costs by letting people work from home
  • With hybrid workforce in place, downsize office space and save on rent, utilities, insurance etc.
  • Increase teams' productivity by boosting their satisfaction and wellbeing


  • Eliminate commuting and use that time to be more productive and get paid more!
  • Improve work-life balance by having more time for family and loved ones
  • Save on daily expenses (gas, public transport, dinners etc.) by working from the comfort of your own home

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for power teams of 10+ members
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