Automate the work process and free up time to perform more important tasks
Automatically create predictive employee schedules
Say goodbye to a spreadsheet-based employee planning, allocate employees between remote and on-site work in 10 sec. A well-designed predictive schedule based company's preferences and on the deep analysis of more than 50 parameters, bring value for both employer and employee.
Increase employee productivity by up to 36%
With it's never been easier to set goals, track employees performance against them, and keep the finger on the pulse of your teams performance.
Let your team experience real, not false flexibility
Give your employees a say in their schedules. By empowering employees to choose when, where, and how they work, you can ensure that teams stay healthy and motivated.
Built for Managers,
centered around Employees
By balancing employee needs with the needs of your business,
our algorithms create unique win-win solutions. Enjoy the synergy!
  • Eliminate commuting and use that time to be more productive and get paid more!
  • Improve work-life balance by having more time for family and loved ones
  • Save on daily expenses (gas, public transport, dinners etc.) by working from the comfort of your own home
  • Reduce per-employee office costs by letting people work from home
  • Increase teams' productivity by boosting their satisfaction and wellbeing
  • With hybrid workforce in place, downsize office space and save on rent, utilities, insurance, etc
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Everything you need is a perfect team management platform with a wide set of features that gives an ability to manage your teams whenever and wherever they work.
Effortlessly create weekly/monthly employee work schedules in 10 seconds.
Time Tracker
Control work hours, breaks and time off. Track time anywhere you work in simple mobile app.
Task Manager
Plan and organize tasks easily, assign them to employees, track spent time and tasks' completion.
Monitor employees' productivity with a simple KPI rating system.
Let the numbers speak
for themselves
The result is only good if it's measured. See the reported average results our clients were able to achieve by "going hybrid" with
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Companies who already implemented a flexible office approach and started save
Don't take our word for it...
Ron Starinsky
CEO & Co-founder at ICV
As a manager of 50+ people, after trying, I now literally spend 2 minutes per week scheduling my team, where I used to spend hours. It's a game changer.
Amit Mizrahi
CEO at Quicknest
I was very pleased to notice an overwhelming increase in employee satisfaction after implementing their smart scheduling system. More than 90% of our employees reported the change to be positive!
Alex Larkins
We love the the task manager included! The fact that it allows to track time spent on a task and create detailed reports on performance makes it indispensable for our company.
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