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Give employees the flexibility they demand and build more engaged and productive teams
Manage all your distributed workforce in one place: scheduling, hoteling (hot-desking), social hub, engagement management, meetings, and more…
Increasing bottom-line revenue by increasing number of members using the same workdesk, automating the whole process within one platform
End-to-end flexible workforce management automation
Data-driven workforce and facility management platform
Coworking Organizations
Corporate management
Commercial Real Estate
How can centralF help you?
For Managers
Increase your teams' productivity by boosting their satisfaction and wellbeing.
Improve Engagement & Retention through Employee Experience.
With proven hybrid office in place, downsize your office space and save on rent, utilities, insurance etc. massively.
For Employees
Improve the work-life balance by having more time for your family and loved ones.
Eliminate commuting and use that time to be more productive and get paid more!
Save on daily expenses (gas, public transport, dinners etc.) by working from the comfort of your own home.
For the World & your Community
Reduce your CO2 footprint
By downsizing your office and reducing amount of commuting
Reduce traffic congestion
by boosting
their satisfaction and wellbeing
save on rent
Improve the work-life balance
Eliminate commuting
Save on daily expenses
Simple and Efficient
Flexibility Management
The result is only good if it's measured. See the reported
average results our clients were able to achieve by "going
hybrid" with centralF
Let the numbers
speak for themselves


This saved our business
We cut our office space costs by ~30% just by moving to this platform. KPI tracker, time attendance & workforce scheduling helped the company save so much money — it actually saved our business.
Ron Starinsky
CEO & Co-founder, ICV
Simple team management
Since I found centralF, my distributed team management was a blessing. Got a push-notification in the app, generated schedule, done! Can't be easier really!
Amit Mizrahi
CEO, QuickNest
From a newborn startup to Fortune 500 companies, we are sure we can offer value for every business.
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